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PDF viruses

This entry is just to remind or inform readers about a thereat that seems to be increasing daily.  Are you receiving emails with little or no text but include a small PDF.      This appears to be one of the latest threats to our peaceful Computer sanctuary.  Well, as many an expert have said don’t open […]

Search tools beware

Beware of rouge search tools.  Read the fine print before you act. As I am here at 3am working on my youngest machine trying to figure our why he has limited access on his machine to the Internet and I have none.  The common factor here is my son is trying to take over all […]

Mpack exploit is any ones data safe?

The MPack toolkit is a toolkit that allows its users to insert hacks into web sites to steal passwords from unsuspected users.  It targets security holes in multiple software products, including Apple’s QuickTime media player, and outdated Windows plug-ins for Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera Web browsers.   It is important to patch all 3rd party software […]