Mpack exploit is any ones data safe?

The MPack toolkit is a toolkit that allows its users to insert hacks into web sites to steal passwords from unsuspected users.  It targets security holes in multiple software products, including Apple’s QuickTime media player, and outdated Windows plug-ins for Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera Web browsers.   It is important to patch all 3rd party software and your operating systems.

The exploit is downloaded when you arive at a web site that is harboring the tool.  Currently it has been tracked to over 10,000 websites.  Trendmicro a leading product manufacturer in Security products has identified the tool on over 1,100 legitimate web sites.

Panda Software found in researching the toolkit is is sold on the Russian e-crimes forums for about $700.  Information for this entry came from an article in the Washington Post by Brian Krebs.

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