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Instant ON and Mini desktops

How useful can mini pc’s be.

I am not slamming this platform on the contrary I may be embracing it. It is getting cool tags like “Green” computing.  The idea of turning on a machine and have a full set (limited for the platform) of tools with in seconds.  Most of the time when I am looking for instant-on it is to check on email, look at stock quotes, surf the net for products or other basic tasks.  Along with many of the new virtualization techniques and platform independent tools this is technology more promising than ever.

Years ago I was introduced to Citrix servers and the idea of remote desktop solutions, more recently thin clients and so on.  Now using very light weight devices this could be even easier then ever.  Network support to verify a clients connection and wireless availability now I would only carry a few pounds instead of my PC.  I have been doing this with my Pocket PC but the battery on that is very unreliable when using WiFi.

Mini computing bring it on…. This platform is not for everything computing but I believe it is very useful when thinking outside the box of conventional tools.  What do you think? Post your opinions

Check out Asus’s Eee PC and the CherryPal also visit the InfoWorlds article about Cherrypal

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