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Apple iPhone how is it fitting?

Apples iPhone does it work in business?

Take a look at Jason Brooks’ commentaryand he reviews the iPhone and said it can find it’s niche alongside of the BlackBerry.  In July 21st eWeek Jason gave a decent review to the phone. He points out that there is some loss of control because of the tight approach Apple has on most of its products, but he feels that there is a good balance of features that over  take the control issue. 

In my own opinion after owning a PocketPC for 2 years, I like the browser feature of the iPhone much better and this could be my main reason for considering one. Well ok and the GPS, and the cool factor….  The cost is no longer a factor for most consumer, unfortunately for early adopters there opinion may not be the same, although  Apple did help them around the holidays.

I look forward to see what other competitors products come along to make the mobile device more user friendly. In the case of many devices not unique to the iPhone a tech screen system for dialing can be difficult to use while driving or in brightly lit areas like outdoors.  For me it is the decision to go to the touch only or keep the slide out keyboard. 

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