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Does where you buy your compuer effect your warranty

Simple question does the store you buy your computer from effect the length or servicing of you warranty?

You probably would think that a manufactures warranty is a manufactures warranty no matter where the system came from, assuming it was bought legally.  Well this does not appeear to be the case all the time. In Ed Fosters Blog last week he wrote about a consumer’s experience with their Dell Laptop and “shame on you” Best Buy.  The laptop shows up in Dell’s system as having 300+ days of warranty but Dell will not serice the customer or the laptop.  You can read the full article on Ed’s Site.

Suprise you look for the best bargain and gradually you see what gets cut out. Brand name or not “Good Service” is important and you only get that by paing for it.

Please support your local computer shops. We like what we do, because if most of us were in it for the money we would be doing something else these days.

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