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Ed Foster and the Gripe Line silenced….

Ed Foster Gripe Line editor passed away from a heart at the age of 59. 

I will tell you I have never met the man but I lived to read his words when his headlines caught my eyes.  I also have responded to Ed’s articles an have gotten a few responses back. He was real and will be missed.

I have been reading the GripeLine for at least 4 years since I started my new business in 2004.  I get a lot of daily newsletters but Ed’s style often got me to read.  It was just enjoyable the angles he took and it was nice to see someone who would relentlessly side with the consumer. In Fred von Lohmans memorial he talked about the sneaker wrapping in Symantics software and Ed’s wok on that. I remember that article because I was seeing a proliferation of this in software downloads. Ed gave m a new awareness to what looked like a benign practice. 

I am sorry to see him go, his writing was just the reminder of why I stay in the game and have kept my business affordable for the consumer. Trying to point out what was good and bad in our industry.  A great column and columnist lost.  My condolences to Ed’s family. 

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