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Mac under attack along with the iPhone?

According to the ZDI (Zero Day Initiative) hackers are taking increasing aim at the iPhone and Mac systems, due to their gain in popularity.  This is a synopsis of the article in ConnectIt. The group at ZDI believes more people are looking at these devices and trying to discover their vunarabilities.   Their article reinforces an idea I have been telling our customers for the last couple of years as these other platforms including Linux become more popular they will begin to be targeted just like windows.  Malware especially are often out to generate revenue and therefore until recently the non-Windows platforms just were not lucrative enough.

Additionally as the ZDI points out as windows programmers bring their code over to these platforms they will bring problems that were in their software over too.  One real goo concept is that of having false sense of security.  Practice safe computing always.

….However, Tauschek said that he hasn’t heard of any viruses yet infecting iPhones and hasn’t seen any anti-virus applications being developed for the device, but it doesn’t mean that Apple users shouldn’t be concerned about the security of their machines.”Real viruses have been targeted to Mac OS and Linux, so don’t have a false sense of security just because you own a Mac,” he added….
(this quote was taken directly from the above mentioned article).

I believe this was so important that I wanted the readers to see it themselves.

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