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Cleanup in isle Hard Drive

Most people know our store as the Virus store “Gota Virus” in Tarpon Springs, well the last 2-3 weeks have been very busy.  We have seen more attacks of Fake antivirus and malware tools in those weeks than we did all summer.  Remember if the message that pops up does not look like the normal error message from your security software it may not be.  Apparently the new attacks are getting o sophisticated that they are mimicking error messages that usually pop up ear the tool bar.

“The first major threat going around these days is known as XP Antivirus 2008, though it’s also known by a few other similar names. A user is socially engineered into installing a bogus anti-virus program, which then, in a not so startling development, detects thousands of malicious viruses, and prompts the user to buy their program to get rid of the malware. Often the only malware program the user has is the XP Antivirus 2008 program itself.

The interesting aspect of this malware program is its capability to modify the normal Microsoft Windows desktop to look as if the status bar is sending an alert message indicating a virus infection. The alert warning looks like an official Microsoft Windows warning, bubbling up from the area where you normally expect legitimate programs to be. The XP Antivirus 2008 program install looks just as official, but once installed asks for money to get rid of the supposed viruses or starts stealing confidential information.

Too late, most users realize they have been scammed by the malware program. The Internet is full of sites and tools attempting to help users disinfect their PCs. Most solutions don’t work, no matter how well intended. The malware program is programmed to prevent easy cleanup, including blocking access to Web sites that can offer good help and preventing legitimate cleanup tools from running. “(Text found in post by Roger A.Grimes September 21st security post.) 

A second exploit which is more interesting because it appears to be cross platform according to Rogers’ article attacks through Flash Media plug-ins.  This attack can cross over platforms from XP, Vista, Mac OS and even Linux because it is using exploits found in the browsers including Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others.

In the article he actually shows an example of the new exploit and how it hijacks a clipboard session. Then continues by explaining that this version of the exploit is minor but as in the past this will lead to bigger things. Also the article indicates that running only one browser like Internet Explorer will not be the solution either.

The main way to protect yourself is backup important information, maintain your system and software disk and be prepared to have your system cleaned or reformatted as one of the best methods of clean-up. 

E2 Computers does offer cleanup services and we had great success cleaning and tuning customers machines with out reformating. 

Please give us a call today if you are experiencing system problems.

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