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Taco Bell – Volcano Tacos

New twist livens up a Taco at the Bell.

Ok so this might be a little cheesy, but rather than just right about the bell we will address there newest 89 cent value taco.  I like Taco Bell for a quick byte, and now they have a hard shell taco with some attitude.  In the attempt to get you to break out of your box taco bell has invented some new items including the box meal.  The also call them selves the “Fourth” Meal because they are open late night, although the Arches are open 24 hours in many area.

Back to our main topic the Volcano Taco.  It has an unusual color, rather than white, or mesa corn yellow this fellow is red.  I guess that is Taco Bell’s way of reminding you this is hotter than your regular taco.  Yes it s a spicer taco than the standard taco. It has the normal taco basics of  hard shell but the twist is they also add a Queso Cheese sauce that backs a little zing.  It is not off the chart hot but quite a nice diversion from the plain taco. 

Although not a fancy restaurants, certainly not the place to take the ladies to if you want to impress them but the Volcano Taco gets my Vote.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
The Bell gets 4 Bytes

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