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Brew City of New Port Richey

Classic Sports Bar we had not eaten in Brew City for more than a year and unfortunately I remember why.  The restaurant has decent decor tables booths and a great Bar.  Generally it is a great place to go with a group of people not looking for any fancy extras.  I am not suggesting not to visit Brew City it is a local eatery. They do have a large amount of TV sets which was great for watching the Rays play.  When I think of a Brew City I think of Milwaukee or St. Louis, or a micro brewery while this place was none of those they did have plenty of beer on tap and in bottles. So beer drinkers this is a place to go for variety.

The food is good but not great.  I was disappointed because one of their specialty items was no longer being served, vendor is not carrying it anymore..  The selection is huge so if you are looking for variety this is a good choice from steak, sandwhiches all the way to Mexican.  You can see their menu at Allmenus.com Brew City Menu
Our meals that night included a Burger and Fried Fish which was the Special of the Night and an appetizer of Fried Cheese, (no longer serving Wisconsin cheese curds).  The Fried Cheese were decent the marinara sauce was great so we are off to a good start.  But this is a standard appetizer for most bars.

I am sorry to say that the fish was not special and mine was even slightly under cooked, still gray.  We chose a special  potato served at Brew City,  Flat Fries (American Cottage Fries).  These are cut in rounds and fried like a potato chip but not as crispy.  These were good but portion was a little small.  The burger was cooked as requested no complaints there just plain up simple Cheese Burger. 

Brew City is an OK place to dine but not one we would frequent often.

Price is very reasonable, service was good

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
Brew City gets 2.5 Bytes

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