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Lesson from Camp Obama

Not trying to be over political here but 1st Congratulations to the President Elect Barack Obama.  He ran a very tough campaign. The reason I am writting about Barack here is because of an interesting article that I read this morning about his campaign and why it was successful.

The article I was reading was in Businessweek online a section called The Welchway. Jack nd Suzy Welch present what made his campaign a success and poin out that businesses could learn from his actions.  In the article they show that he won because he maintained 3 leadership principles:

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Clean Execution
  3. Strong Allies

It is for these reasons he is on top and enjoying his rise.  Leadership and a good playbook thats how teams win.  I believe that they have identified good reasons for following this mans lead and do the same for our companies and try to drive them straight into a profitable way. Our investments should be set on reasonable goals and not greed. Advice should be charished if given by those who really care and ignored if the giver has a hidden agenda. I hope these are true for the Obama organization but I know this is how I run my business.

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