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Bailouts and Trickle Down Economics

Bailouts when is someone going to bailout me…. I don’t want to sound whiny but I believe that no money is going to trickle down to me. Greed that is what the banks, and investment companies allow to drive them.  Yes it is all for the stockholders, maybe if we remembered why some fundamentals we could return to a better economic time.

Not to sound like I am off my rocker I know we are all in it to make some kind of profit (business wise), but I would like to think that is not the only thrill that keeps a company going.  I am in business to help people and while I am not getting rich I keep squeaking out a paycheck, yes I would like them larger but I am not going to rip my customers off just to get the extra dollar. 

I wish banks would realize the same goals. Rahing interest rates on companies that pay regularly for multiple years just because they are grouped with other companies that come and go is not a reason to triple their interest rates, but that is what Advanta did to our company.  Well thats my rant but my point is making it tougher for us to make our payment is exactly what will lead to us going out of business, thus a self fulfilled prophecy on the banks part.  Silly why not charge a resowable rate and try to help keep the business in business.  Lending is a risk taking business but if you stack the odds against the borrower no one will win.  Wake up minimize defaults by keeping the interest and payments resowable, limit risk by reducing the amount or credit limit available.  Utilize resowable methods for collection not intimidation to try to prevent companies from declare bankruptcy, a bankrupt or insolvent company will never repay its loans.

Trickle down how will that get to me and you?  Good question maybe we should look at putting the money into the hands of those who owe and let them pay the banks. You know the way that business is supposed to work. I realize a simplified concept but paying upward works better than expecting the Greedy to hand it down.  Banks stay solvent if people pay on their loans, and save money in the banks so help promote normal business. Yes bailout the banks but make them work for their money not just put their handout.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts do you have any?

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