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Technology Upate – Intel Intel and more Intel

Ok maybe a little overstated in the title but a few new things from Intel. 

Intel just released i’s new CPU next generation following the Core 2, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Pentium D and don’t’ forget the Dual Core Celeron (all most seems like an oxymoron).  Now comes the Intel i7 or Core i7.  Amongst my sarcasm I am excited because a new chip brings new followers and this chip is intended to wow the gaming crowd.  It is a killer chip and some of the chips have a killer price but the lower price range starts in the low $300 and up into the $1000s.

It is built on the Nehalem Processor line which is aimed for intensive scientific and gaming processing.
” The i7 is “clearly faster” than anything Intel has released to date and “way faster” than anything AMD has released, analyst says.” This quote was found in the eChannelLine on September 19th see Paul Weinberg’s article at the eChannelLine.

On a greener note many system builders have been building lightweight systems using Intel’s new Atom line of CPUs.  These chips are just bigger than the size of a grain of rice.  Most systems built using this chip are in a category known as Highly Mobile Computing.  In the laptop form they may take on the name of a NetBook on the desktop they are ultra mini or UATX systems.  We have had several of the Acer netbooks in our store and they were received quite nicely by the customers who bought them.  Currently we focused on the systems with 160G hard drives rather than the SSD (Solid State) drives because the small solid state drives did not allow enough space for our customers requirements.  The systems are loaded with either a variant of Linux known as Linpus or a version of XP Home.  Prices start in the high $300s and can reach around $500 depending on manufacture and options. In all cases there is no CD/DVD reader so to load additional software the user must buy an External drive or connect and share the drive over their network.  These machines are highly green at running only about 20W.  Our experience so far is it seems to have a very good battery life as we ran the full setup all patches and software loads, and showed the system for a couple of days as a demo before we charged it. This was not running full time but used intermittently for show.

If you are interested in systems built with either of these chips contact us at http://www.end2endsupport.com/ or mailto:support@end2endsupport.com.

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