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Black Friday – Blues

Black Friday for the small retailer sucks…. But it also stinks if you get in line only to find out you weren’t early enough. 

Well we have some good and bad news I am not selling computers for $1.00 but we will have some specials on Friday and throughout the holiday season.

Our big season special is the 12% deal.  This is for Boxed Laptops and Systems. Any of these systems if you are going to pay cash we will sell them at 12% above our cost plus a small S&H fee (usually between $8.00 and $15.00).  These will be on any system ordered during the holiday system. Support and Setup will be extra. Boxed systems are all new systems and will have manufacture warranties. (This deal is like going into a Walmart or BestBuy and leaving with an unopened box).  See the store for additional services.  Use of a credit card may incur a 2% additional fee.

Black Friday Specials:

  1. 2 GB Flash drives 13.33 (refurbished)
  2. Microsoft 1 Care (single pc) reg. $39.95  Black Friday price 29.95
  3. Microsoft wireless Keyboard and Mouse reg. $39.95 Black Friday price 29.95


Black Friday prices are limited to the items purchased for this special and when we are out they are gone.

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