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Happy Holidays

Simple and as PC (politically correct I can be). HAPPY HOLIDAYSand Happy New Year! Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Jobs in the US….Shipping out.

Jobs in the US seem to be leaving on a ship abroad every day.  I have often talked about my experiences with Help Desks outside of the US and I want to make it clear I am not apposed to working with foreign support teams. My issue is when I am told utilizing foreign workers […]

Social Networking and why it is on the tip of my tounge?

Why are we always talking about social networking at E2 Computers? Every single day I work on computers that are slowing down, or even rendered useless due often to Malware and Viruses.  So why bring up social networks, well it is easy to place code that does mischievous things on these sites.  Also the users […]

Netbooks where do they fit on the Technology Food Chain.

I have been actively promoting Netbooks for a while. I think they have a great place in the mobile community.  Although oddly I keep reading articles comparing the Netbook to a SmartPhone.  I am not sure I get it.  Yes I guess it is a way of trying to emphasis how great smartphones seem to […]

Customer service Outsource and Off-shore

Customer service fast friendly and understanding, right, wink…wink..nudge. nudge!  Lately getting assistance from some companies is like participating in a Monty Python skit or working with Moe, Larry and Curley (The Three Stooges).  I had my most recent experience with the Communication Giant Verizon and what a hoot it was.  It was almost like trying […]

Queens pizza is it fit for a king….

Tarpon Springs well known for it Greek Community, Sponges, Docks and home to E2 Computers. This culturally rich area has great food and recently we have caught up with Queens Pizza.  We have been eating at Queen’s for about 5 years now. For us the main attraction is a White Garlic dressing that is almost to […]