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Netbooks where do they fit on the Technology Food Chain.

I have been actively promoting Netbooks for a while. I think they have a great place in the mobile community.  Although oddly I keep reading articles comparing the Netbook to a SmartPhone.  I am not sure I get it.  Yes I guess it is a way of trying to emphasis how great smartphones seem to be, or is it to water down how good a netbook is? You may have to decide.

Personally I think a netbook is a great alternative to lugging a large laptop around. Most of the time I only need a laptop when I am traveling or at clients is to Surf, check email or verify network issues. Most of the netbooks do this very nicely. Depending on the OS Netbooks start in the Low $300’s and go up. Acer NetOne  has been doing nicely for us at $425.  This model is equipped with the 160G drive. I chose this over the SSD drive because many several customers who have been using the Sony Laptop with the small SSD drive are complaining that space is an issue.  Price for a 2 pound laptop is great. Typically one of the most lightweight full blown laptops run closer to $1100.00.  They may not be quite in the range they were trying to get for the one computer for every child model but this is certainly making it easier to give my kids computers to carry in school.

In my eyes netbooks have a solid place in the world. I hope you all agree and continue to order them from us at  E2Computers.

Please feel free to add your comments as well.

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