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Jobs in the US….Shipping out.

Jobs in the US seem to be leaving on a ship abroad every day.  I have often talked about my experiences with Help Desks outside of the US and I want to make it clear I am not apposed to working with foreign support teams. My issue is when I am told utilizing foreign workers if part of a “Globalization” plan.  Yes to me this would mean we use “Outside” labor to augment what we can not provide internally.  I do not believe we should use Globalization as technique for cost cutting.  I am not sure I would even agree if we should Outsource imply because of a lack of experience, we need to consider training our own people to do jobs they currently are not skilled to do.  If we do not begin to think this way we will not have any jobs left.  Picture this you got to work for a Fast Food Joint called FFJ. They train you to be the fry guy and for years you make excellent fries. One day in a cost cutting move the manage deploys a robot, either he can train you to be a burger flipper or he can let you go.  To save money the manage may let you go.  Hopefully with a little more thought and effort he will re-train you for the new position. 

Ok my example is a little simple but hopefully it gets you thinking.  On a larger scale big companies utilize a large body of foreign workers to act as there customer service people. In true Globalization they would augment not replace the local staff, But, in reality many companies are using Outsource labor for the cheap labor.

This trend is going to get worse the Hacket Group has a study out that says 1 in 4 jobs will be gone by 2010 thats only 2 years away.
Read more about this study in Biz Tech 3.0.

I hope companies will revisit this trend and remember that we need help in stabilizing our economy by employing our on people too.

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