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Social Networking and why it is on the tip of my tounge?

Why are we always talking about social networking at E2 Computers? Every single day I work on computers that are slowing down, or even rendered useless due often to Malware and Viruses.  So why bring up social networks, well it is easy to place code that does mischievous things on these sites.  Also the users of these sites assume a certain amount of trust amongst their friends.  Often downloading and clicking on recommended files and sites by other users.

It is the trust factor that really gets exploited here, so if I hack into your account and email garbage to your trusted friends most of them will view what I send.  So these users are an easy mark for a malware writer.  The reason I chose to write about this today is to remind my friends, and readers to take care when using sites like FaceBook, Myspace and many others like it oh and even blogs like these can be spoofed or corrupted so users need to take great care when surfing the net.

A current virus found traveling FaceBook  is known as the Koobface virus. 

Facebook has listed Koobface on its security page ; it’s working on purging the spammed links from its system, “but with dozens of Koobface variants known to exist, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better,” McAfee said.

Facebook suggests members run an antivirus scan and reset their passwords.

This last couple of sentences is copied directly from an article Posted by  Gayle KestenTuesday, Dec 9, 2008, 03:07 PM ET in the Small Business Resource.

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