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Wow playing well on integrated graphics…..AMD says yes!

AMD announced new motherboards that are sub $100.00 that will play WOW without the addition of a video card.  This is not a new idea many systems and WOW players have been doing this for a while. But, everyone knows that the video card makes the game better. Well AMD is saying that there boards will do this.  The claim they will boost the FPS to 31 frames vs. Intel’s, onboard GMA 4500, architecture that gets a bold 16 FPS.  AMD is currently rolling with the 760G motherboards and suggest the new Anthlon X2 7000 as the least expensive chipsets capable of handling the Direct X10 and Open GL requirements.  These boards support ATI Xfire as well.

Oh, by the way if this does not seem like a new configuration thats because Asus, Gigabyte and MSI already have boards like this and we have been demoing them here at E2 Computers for about 5-6 months now.  Although are benchmarks were not as high as AMD claims these still make a great entry point for entertainment and low priced gaming machines.  With a small investment down the road you can increase the performance.  Our experience with these boards have been pretty good so far.

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