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ITs all about the Green

I am not going to go into create detail but it appears AMD’s 45nm Opteron “Shanghai HE” is utilizing less energy and delivering more throughput than the Intel Xenon.  I am not going to go into great detail from the tech side, however I think from the economics this will be great. AMD trading at […]

Restoring Microsoft Document Image Writer

Accidentally remove your MS Image Writer from your printer list?  I did and it was brutal, to restore because I followed instructions from the MS site that told me to reinstall the option from my original Office Disks.  It ran but it never restore the printer.  After searching I finally came up with a solution […]

WOW Prepaid Cards at E2 Computers – 27.95

World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card. Cards will be selling for under $30.00 and you can get them in Tarpon Springs.E2 Computers is stocking cards. They will sell for $27.95 + tax (cash). Debit , Credit or PayPal  will run $28.75 + tax. This is an in-store price and if they need to be shipped […]

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