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Restoring Microsoft Document Image Writer

Accidentally remove your MS Image Writer from your printer list?  I did and it was brutal, to restore because I followed instructions from the MS site that told me to reinstall the option from my original Office Disks.  It ran but it never restore the printer.  After searching I finally came up with a solution posted on the forums of techarena.  The following is the instructions found here:

Solution 1.
Type the following into a command prompt window: (If you copy this to the command line or cmd window make sure it is one long line with now line breaks.)

cscript c:\windows\system32\prnmngr.vbs -a -p “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer” -m “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Driver” -r “Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port:”

Solution 2. (Not mine, borrowed from somewhere else.)

1. Close all running applications. If you have any Office application
running, the driver will not be installed properly.
2. Go to the “Control Panel” and “Add or Remove Programs”.
3. Click on”Microsoft Office 2003″ and then click on “Change”.
4. Check “Add or Remove Features” and click “Next”.
5. On the bottom of the page check “Choose advanced customization of
applications.” and click “Next”.
6. Under Microsoft Office click on the + sign in front of “Office
7. Locate “Microsoft Office Document Imaging”, click the icon and
select “Not Available”.
8. Click on “Update”. This will uninstall the MODI driver.

9. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to go back to the same location you were before.

10. Locate the object “Microsoft Office Document Imaging”, click the
icon and select “Run from My Computer”.
11. Click on “Update”.

I did not try solution 2 because solution 1 worked well.

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