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Piracy what is the cost, ask the crew from Pirates Bay

Free software music and movies sounds great… Is it fair?  It seems to be a younger generation thing that because you can transfer media via the internet that it is OK. we have seen many sites and tools in the P2P arena, but does it make it right.  Well for the crew of Pirates Bay the answer was not so great, as they have lost in the Stolkhom courts.

They were found guilty of aiding and abetting copyright violators. you can read the entire summary from Robert X. Cringely at his blog in Infoworld. 

I can not say I have never heard a song on someones MP3 player that was not downloaded from a P2P site but until I got into the computer support business I did not know all of what was being shared legally and illegally. It is overwhelming everything from music, videos, tv shows and even software.  Microsoft who is a major partner with businesses like ours devote a lot of energy to stopping piracy of software.  They even show the risks of this behavior like viruses and information theft.  Most people don’t believe it happens but it does. The reason I created this blog entry was to try to get feedback from others. Not on the legal/illegal argument, but I want stories of thing gone bad related to using shared software and the tools used to do it.

Please post your stories here so others can see them. Thanks.

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