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Vista why?

Vista why should I use it, why not?

Many people come in and complain how bad Vista is, and I just agree with them but that is not necessarily the truth. I only found two reasons not to go to Vista and that was because my software vendor was slow to change their software to run on Vista, and the second reason my equipment is not powerful enough for it.  Most users were dissatisfied with Vista because they had system that were not built to run Vista or the version of Vista was not the one they wanted to run.  Yes many users saw Vista Ultimate on the higher end systems but ended up with Vista Home, big difference in the user experience.

I am going to republish in this blog for the next couple of entries some of Microsoft’s’ tips that show why Vista can be useful, fun, and a cost saving decision I hope these are helpful to all.

8 Use Task Scheduler to automate tasks (Not that big of a deal it has been around for a while.)

Save yourself a lot of time by using Task Scheduler to make Windows Vista automatically perform certain tasks. Type ‘Task Scheduler’ into Start Search and select what you want it to do, from defragmenting your hard drive to backing up your files, and when.

7 Install Launchy (This is new and I will have to give it a try.)

Launchy is a powerful keystroke launcher, which is accessed by pressing Alt and Space bar. You can then type in the name of the application, file or web site you want to launch and press Enter. Launchy is intelligent enough to guess pretty accurately what you are looking for whilst you type, so by just typing goo then pressing Enter will open Google. You can download it for free at www.launchy.net  

See our next blog for more tips.

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