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We do not like Toshiba and here is another example of why?

Toshiba not a product we sell or recommend.  Often I have been asked what I think about Toshiba here at E2 Computers.  My answer is one from my customers side, we don’t like them. Yes they have very low priced systems and show up as the weekly teaser (cheap buy) at many large retailers. But, our experience for minor repairs has been very difficult. Even the simple situation where my customer does not want to loose control/possession of their system and the hard drive is bad. Most manufactures will send us or the customer a drive.  However, if Toshiba finds out that a PC Company not authorized to do repairs the refuse to ship the part.  I support clients that feel their data needs to be protected and do not trust shipping out the drive or the system with the drive in it.  Reading the GripeLine from InfoWorld will give you a new perspective on the Toshiba customer experience. 

In the article they talk about a machine that BSOD’s (Blue Screen of Death) from almost the get go and how hard it has been for the owner to get support.  Take a look at Christina Tyan-Wood’s article about a Toshiba broken laptop.  See what you think.

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