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Windows “7”

Windows “7” RC1 rolled out this weekend and for the general public today to be downloaded while you are downing your Corona Beers or other Mexican pleasures.  Enjoy testing the newest release, we are a quite user but like what we have seen so far even for the basic low-tech user.  The big issue is for Microsoft to sell the OS system and not the legacy to the world.  

I was not an early adapter with Vista due to hardware failings of my own and software thanks initially to Intuit Quick Books.  I do believe that Vista and its cousin Windows “7” are good operating systems for most user’s. Does that mean all users should use Lucy 7?  Arte you kidding diversity is what we are all about. 

You want fast light weight OS’s than Windows and Mac OS are not for you. You want pretty than Vista, “7” and all Mac’s cats are good (leopard, tiger, etc.).  Have some fun if you have a spare piece of hardware that can support “7” take it out for a test drive

I think it will be worth your time.

Enjoy and Drink, Drive and Surf responsibly.

Oh an yes we still have World Of WarCraft cards for under $30.00.

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