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Pre-Order Windows 7 upgrades at End2EndSupport.com

Watch for new linkst to pre-order Windows 7. Links should be actie by 7/1 and will allow you to order Windows 7 for as low as $49.99.  Please help us out and let everyone now about the links at www.end2endsupport.com. Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Microsoft’s Balmer talks about H1-B Visas

HB-1 Employee seeking the Best of the Best or looking for a way of saving money on employee costs? I was reading an article in ZD’s Enterprises Careers section about Balmers position on H1-B employees.  I thought this might be interesting for others to read. I believe that companies should hire based on talent but […]

Windows 7 More news!

Yes Windows 7 is to roll in late October!  For those who will be shopping in the next few months for a new PC will be should I wait.  Microsoft has not announced an upgrade program yet but it appears that they will be.  Details hopefully soon, but the news is that OEM and Retail […]

Mellow Mushroom Great food and service, not a fluke!

A unique place of its own the Mellow Mushroom.  we have now eaten there twice and the food is good and some of the service was even better. Kudos to Jessie the “Bar Dude”. He introduced us to the way of the Mushroom and it was great. For starters one of the most unique collection of […]

Microsoft Vista what is Next?

Vista is actually a decent operating system but what is next… October 22, 2009.  Windows 7 will be released and early beta and release candidate have been very good. On my 2 test system they installed and ran with no problems. However, on one mini it does have a problem with Hibernate mode.  The Operating […]

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