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Mellow Mushroom Great food and service, not a fluke!

A unique place of its own the Mellow Mushroom.  we have now eaten there twice and the food is good and some of the service was even better. Kudos to Jessie the “Bar Dude”. He introduced us to the way of the Mushroom and it was great. For starters one of the most unique collection of Bottle Beers in a single place, all from Micro-Brews.

We started with a simple appetizer homemade pretzels on trip 1 we tried Salt our second visit we had Garlic Parmesan.  A real nice way to start a meal, if you don’t like a lot of salt on your pretzels ask for a little less because they coat them pretty heavily.

We have eaten Pizza and Grinders now and they are fantastic. My only complaint is on the heavier pizza like the All Meat it is a little flimsy, but great on taste.  To be fair Jessie did let us know that the Pizzas are hand tossed and are a little thinner in the middle.  On my second trip we had Pizza, cheese and it was excellent, a Calzone large enough for 2 and a Jerk Chicken Grinder.  I am not a huge fan of Jerk Chicken but the sandwich also had pineapple on it so I tried it. let me say if it is your first time to The Mellow Mushroom and you don’t won’t pizza try, try, try the Jerk Chicken Grinder it was excellent.

I have referred several people to the Mushroom and they have all made multiple trips.  Located right near Citrus Park on Sheldon go see what the fuss is all about and tell the Beer Dude Steve at E2 Computers sent you.

Mellow Mushrooms menu varies by restaurant.  Each unit has the same basics and then they have some local/regional specialties This menu is the Tampa (Citrus Park) Restaurant’s menu.  Enjoy and read it you will salivate like a Pavlovian Puppy hearing a bell.

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Mellow Mushroom gets 5.0 Bytes

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