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Microsoft’s Balmer talks about H1-B Visas

HB-1 Employee seeking the Best of the Best or looking for a way of saving money on employee costs? I was reading an article in ZD’s Enterprises Careers section about Balmers position on H1-B employees.  I thought this might be interesting for others to read. I believe that companies should hire based on talent but default to the excuse that the only place to find talent is in foreign employees.  Investing in training is key to growing our our economy. We need to invest in our local resources and change the course ourselves.  The issue of seeking talent outside of the local economy has some hue snowball effects, with technology the way it is many companies don’t even bring the employees to the country of the employer anymore. So now we found the talent outside the local economy and the many will leave the local economy as well.  Many companies use the excuse that the talent is better over “there” and the there is anywhere outside the local economy.  But often the real fact is they don’t have  to pay the talent the same way. They may even pay more on the Dollar per Hour factor but the actual cost is often cheaper due to the non-permanent employee status and tax incentives created by the way temporary or short-tem projects are costed. 

I believe that this all comes down to the bottom-line focus and often this will create a very negative effect.  We often are so cost conscientious that we lose focus on other factors like product acceptance, support, and satisfaction.  People that are locally involved in a product create a type of good-will that helps improve a products acceptance.   

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