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STD’s and Viruses are they the same thing?

How similar are viruses and STD’s?  A few years ago I once was asked how to guarantee a computer would not get infected.  Jokingly I told the customer to go to the CVS or Rite-Aid and ask the pharmacy for $1.00’s worth of protection and put that on the end of her Ethernet cable before plugging it into the wall.  The customer looked perplexed and finally said but if i do that my internet might not work any more.  I then responded “I can guarantee you went get any viruses from the internet now”.

I hope you saw the humor in the response but also understand the reality of what I was trying to point out.  Just like animal viruses and STD the more contacts with strangers the better chance you have of being infected.  A couple of weeks ago it got even more like a sexual transmitted disease.  Somebody leaked video of a sports reporter on to the internet, yes these were adult oriented videos, but like driving bye an accident everyone wants to see just a little.  Virus writers took advantage of these onlookers and built sites and hosted corrupted versions or just set little traps based on searches people might do, and yes droves of internet users were getting infected.  I was reminded about this in an article from Larry Walsh of “CI” Channel Insider. I believe you will find hi article more interesting so please click here and check it out.

Remember if you did not solicit someone and they solicited you it is probably not something you want.  Surf Safe and remember to were wear (thanks Jim) your protection….”Buy Vipre”

Be a Safe not sorry user.

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