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What is a TimeLine Computer?

Can a notebook last 7-8 hours on a single charge?   Acer says it can with the introduction of a new series of thin and light notebooks.  These notebooks use a new series of chips named the CULV series and they are highly efficient and more powerful than the atom chip.  To read a little more detail on this chip check out this article at Tom’s Hardware.  Now to the nitty gritty why are we writing about it today. Well because we have them arriving in store today 7/31. Our first order of 2 will be here and we want everyone to know about them. 

The first unit is already sold sight unseen. The model we have in will be the 14″ with DVD burner, 3G of memory  and a 360G hard drive.  They way just over 4 pounds. 

The retail price on them is around 650.00 but with a promotional rebate included from Acer it will be around 605.00 plus a small s&h fee.

Come check out what all day computing looks like and order yours today.

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