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Virus attacks in Mac OS… Say it ain’t so!

In a meeting with AVG (Grisoft) in Orlando about 2 years ago I brought up the issue that soon the Mac would fall pray to malware.  I was scoffed by the Techs from Grisoft but some of my peers agreed.  Could it really happen.  Ist issue we raised was if Apple servers were communicating with PCs at minimum they could facilitate in the storing and spreading of the viruses.  Additionally I have said the only reason nobody focused on the mac was a monetary reason. Now with Apple’s consistent growth and threat in the PC market they are a viable target.  Remember most virus/malware is written for a financial reason.  So now Mac’s or a contender, many exploits are accessed through Java which is shared on multiple OS Platforms so why should the Mac be any safer than the PC or a Linux box.

“Well with the release of Snow Leopard it appears Apple is in agreement and has included a virus scanner inside the OS. 
Evidently, Macs can get viruses and malware. Or why else would Snow Leopard come with an integrated virus scanner? This feature isn’t really that big a deal, unless you consider the fact that Apple has been bragging for years about how its systems are invulnerable to outside threats. Anyway, Security Watch has the lowdown. ” (from Security Watch)

So Mac users welcome to our world, no one on the internet is safe.  Hide because they will find us!

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