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Interested in running 2 Operating system on the same desktop? And save up to $30.00

Looking for tools to allow you to run a virtual environment?  I have been and am testing several packages. Sometimes for my own needs I need the simple and easy way to do it for testing.  One of the tools I have used on the Mac was Parallels.  We use it to run a single Vista/XP application for a client when it is not practical to Boot-Camp and reboot when he wants to run the one non Mac application.  Sometimes I have the same desire to run multiple machines in the PC environment.  For testing or running an old app that no longer runs on Vista/Windows 7. Well again the folks at http://www.paralles.com/ have come to my rescue. They have a version for the Windows and Linux environments.

Check it out click on this banner and see what the new Paralles has to offer you. Special offer 49.99 (30.00 off regular price).
Run multiple operating systems on your machine!

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