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Vipre reporting an error in Microsoft’s Security Center

Vipre reporting an error in Microsoft Security Center, don’t fret it is due to a change in the security center for Windows 7 accidentally released early.

Vista & VIPRE

What is up with Microsoft? Between me and my friends that I’ve convinced to purchase VIPRE, we all are running Vista on 4 computers. Suddenly the Vista Security Warning starts coming up on all computers saying that VIPRE no longer complies with Vista’s security checker and it can no longer verify that our virus checker is protecting our computers. It recommends that we get a different virus check software. What is up? I’ve tried updating VIPRE but it says it is up to date. (Every 2 hours…). Checking to be sure Vista is updated didn’t help either. — M.A.

Editor’s Note: First, the error doesn’t affect the performance VIPRE!

I asked our Support Manager, Mike Williams what is going on and he wrote the following: “Thank you for writing in. Larry asked me to contact you regarding your concern with the Microsoft security center. Later this month, Microsoft was to change the format in which security programs report to the security center. They are doing this in preparation for the release of Windows 7. They inadvertently released this early in a Windows Update causing this message. Microsoft sent out a patch shortly after but it doesn’t seem as though everyone has received it. We have a newer build in BETA testing that should be released later this week or next that uses the newer for of reporting eliminating this error.

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