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Windows 7 Pre-planning. Let us help with your upgrade or clean installs.

Are you planning to install Windows 7 let us help? We will post pricing fro the software as soon as we have pricing. If you would like us to order your software please contact us at the store 727-943-2406 or email us at support@end2endsupport.com.  We will begin ordering the software this week and it must be pre-paid.   If you would like us to do your installations we will be discounting the labor for Software purchased through us.

Basic Operating System install 69.95.  If Windows 7 purchased through us it will be 59.73 ($-10.22).  Installs will begin on or after 10/22/09 the official release date of Windows 7.

Reformating of systems will also be done if customers wish to clean their systems, OEM versions of windows will be available for purchase with hardware upgrades.  Saving of data before a reformat will be additional based on the amount of data to be saved.

Pricing for Upgrade and OEM versions of the software will be posted on our website and blog by Friday 9/25/09.

Thanks again.

Remember we also have World of War Craft cards for under $30.00

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