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Windows 7 pricing.

Our current pricing for Windows 7. (At this time orders must be received by 10/1 to have a best chance at being here by 10/22*)

Windows 7 Premium Upgrade 119.00 (previous version of XP\Vista)

Windows 7 Premium OEM Retail Price $129.00 Pre-Order Special $118.78 ($10.22 off) 
(initial install this is not an upgrade)

Windows 7 Professional OEM Retail Price: 169.00 Pre-Order Special 158.78 ($10.22 off)
(initial install this is not an upgrade)

Windows 7 Ultimate OEM Retail Price: 228.00 Pre-Order Special $217.78 ($10.22 off) 
(initial install this is not an upgrade)

*Pre-orders will be accepted at the store and will also be added to the web via Paypal or Google Check-out shortly.  These will be available for pickup on or after 10/22 we may not be able to receive all product on the same day and will be available as soon as it arrives.  Contact us the store 727-943-2406 or support@end2endsupport.com (no credit card information should be sent in emails all purchases will need to be personally verified. If available shipping will be extra.

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