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Microsoft’s Secret Version of Windows 7 upgrade!

Family Pack the secret version of Windows 7.  I accidentally discovered an upgrade version of windows it appears Microsoft announced on 7/31 the Family Pack.
“Micosoft’s announced some Windows 7 pricing today, starting with a “family pack” option, which will allow users to upgrade three PCs to the Home Premium edition of the operating system for $149″  found on the Engadget web site.

Even though we are not one of the Chosen vendors, apparently after a conversation with my Distributors there are only 2 vendors at this time, we are going to show you how to purchase this software.  Through the magic of our Affiliates we have a link on our web site that will allow you to Order Windows 7 Family Pack and we still get paid too.  Win Win Windows 7.  Please check out our Windows 7 promotions on our Promo Page.

Once on our Promotions Page look for the Gold/Orange Microsoft Windows 7 Product Box.  This will link you to our affiliates web site, order it here and we get paid. You win because you will be able to order this product now.

Windows 7 Family Pack upgrade good for 3 machines being upgraded to Windows 7.

Upgrading a single machine to Windows 7 check out our Promo Page to Pre Order.

Planning to modify your hardware and reformat to the latest version then OEM installs may be the ticket for you. Pre-Order now and you can save up to $10.22.  Check out our Promo Page for more information.

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