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Social networking a leading cause to spread the nasties.

How do Viruses spread? A frequent question I try to answer and a new article I read about hacking the BlackBerry, I think, really sheds some light on the issues of Social Networking. I read a lot of security information daily and like to share this with my customers and readers.  But this discussion I was reading […]

Buyer beware, free windows 7 installation.

Free installation offer from Big Box company! We called and were given several answers to what they will do for us. None of which seemed to be the simple install my Windows 7. Also when asked can we upgrade from XP they said it was impossible.  The last statement is true sort of but not […]

10.22.09 Windows 7 House Party Box – Lets see what we got.

This is a fun little video (2 actually) Displaying some of the SWAG we got from Microsoft for a sponsored House Party, Release of Windows 7.  Check it out…. Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.