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Buyer beware, free windows 7 installation.

Free installation offer from Big Box company!

We called and were given several answers to what they will do for us. None of which seemed to be the simple install my Windows 7. Also when asked can we upgrade from XP they said it was impossible.  The last statement is true sort of but not really. Read my earlier blog about the Windows 7 upgrade.

We will not be doing Windows 7 installs for free! But we think our support will be better.
Sorry can not afford to stay in business that way
. However we will try to assist you with many of your questions before and after your install of Windows 7.  We think our technical expertise has value and hopefully you all feel the same way. As you may have seen we will be running some discounts for Windows 7 and Installations when possible.  Initially we will be offering $10.22 off of installation services. 

This includes customers who want to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 and from XP to Windows 7.  We will discuss options and modifications that may need to be made to facilitate running Windows 7.

For those of you trying to understand the differences between the software you may wan to research the Ultimate and Professional versions to see what makes them different.  I truly believe for the 50-60 dollars more that Ultimate may run if you are looking for a good backup utility it is built-in and thus may save you some money in other software.  This does not mean that I have stopped supporting offside backup like Carbonate. One of Ultimates capability is to create a bare metal restore which means you can restore your system after replacing the hard drive from that image.

Check out our website and some of the promotions we are running at http://www.end2endsupport.com/.

Also keep an eye on our sight for our contacted support and helpdesk options coming soon.

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