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Social networking a leading cause to spread the nasties.

How do Viruses spread? A frequent question I try to answer and a new article I read about hacking the BlackBerry, I think, really sheds some light on the issues of Social Networking. I read a lot of security information daily and like to share this with my customers and readers.  But this discussion I was reading on hacking a blackberry is really disturbing and enlightening to what we often say in our shop is the user does it to themselves.  Please read below:

… One way to entice a BlackBerry user to download spyware onto their smartphone is by offering a free application that appears to be a game or some other harmless software, but in fact carries a dangerous payload. Enticing slideshows are even easier to get users to accept, Gunasekera said.

“I will have the slideshow running on top and the spyware doing its nastiness on the bottom,” he said.

What kind of nastiness?

A small piece of software able to conceal itself by not appearing on the BlackBerry’s application menu, nor taking up much memory space nor using much processing power, can allow a hacker to do all kinds of things. …

This quote comes from an article from Infoworkd’s Security Central “Security researcher shows how hackers spy on BlackBerry and other smartphones”

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