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Why I don’t play games on Facebook.

I am not trying to be a spoil sport. After owning my business now for about 6 years I see alot of nasty stuff regarding virus cleanup.  I am constantly getting Pokes,Tickles and requests to join games on Facebook.  However, as much as it might be fun to play I have always believed that if I have to load something this could be questionable, and because downtime is very costly to me, I don’t play these games.  I was going to make a Christmas reference to Reigndeer but tried to hold off. 

My point is that every time you install or add something to your system you create a new risk to your security.  Yes a skeptic at this point says well I am running Anti-Virus, Firewall , Anti-Hacking, Cloaning software and a dozen other privacy tricks, but yet still many people end up with bad stuff on there system.  No matter how hard we try there are people trying to be one step ahead of us.  Wh can possibly keep up and how do you know your system is absolutely positively secured, I know becuase we have had our system verified by security experts.  And this is good as I am not one, I just follow a lot of the news of the industry. But what happens next is systems still fail, networks crash, and servers go down, why? Because we are human and we do human things including make mistakes.  So why increase our risk by doing some of these things.  Play games at sites that are intened for gaming and do soical networking at the social network site, but be carefull when downloading software to do either.

I know I rambled here but for more of what I am trying to talk about read the article “Hacked Facebook app lead users-to fake antivirus software” at Infoworld’s Security Central.

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