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Windows 7 upgrades and fresh installs what is the early gossip?

In our testing we thought Win 7 was a great improvement over XP… I am not ignoring Vista it definitely goes beyond Vista and fixes or adds to where Vista was supposed to begin.  We have even seen older machines appear to run better with Windows 7. So why are you waiting.  I always hear people say well we will wait until Microsoft rolls out the first service pack.

Don’t wait!

Windows 7 has been a nice experience, although Intuit’s Quicken appears to have a problem.  I think you will see the difference. If you stop in our store you can see Windows 7 Ultimate running on a Quad Core i7 system, a Mini Tower running a Q85XX chip and a Asus EEE box that actually dual boots XP and Win 7 Ultimate.  Come try it on and take a test drive today.

A customer from Holiday Florida had this to say:

“Thanks, Steven. My computer works Great. Windows 7 is soooo nice. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but wow! it really is “User Friendly” . Gerard.”

See you in the shop soon.

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