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Smoking bad for computers? Wait till you see what it does to warranties.

We have tried to show our customers that smoking was bad for their computers health, but Apple has even gone further. 

Smoking may effect your warranty.  In a blog on the channel insider they mention how smoking affected a couple of Apple users from getting warranted service.

Apple’s did not make any official statement but the apparent position has to do with both environmental issues around the cancer causing agents in the smoke and OSHA laws about cancer related agents.  Take a look at this article (http://blogs.channelinsider.com/content001/professional_services/apple_smoking_bad_for_computer_technicians.html?kc=TCIBESTOF11232009STR1)  and add your comments on our blog.

Do you aggree that warranty work can be denied because of the crap found inside computers of smokers?

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