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Things to do this week… Go see Avatar

Wow Avatar what an experience…. Go See Avatar and see it in 3D Imax expensive but worth the experience.  Overall pretty good story and a  load of action. It is like being in a 3D 1st Person Shooter and Role Playing game.  All I could say after the movie was wow…This may be one of the greatest Theater Experiences I have ever had.  See it and have fun.

If you are in the Tampa area you may want to try Jakes Hamburgers they are on Dale Mabery south of Van Dyke and Waters near Dale Mabery.  They have a nice old school menu Hot Dogs, Burgers and Chicken.  The best thing was hand made Milk Shakes.  I would not quite place them as good as 5 Guys (although not the best burger ever, but great fries).  Jakes is a slightly better value for the price of their burgers.  Also while we were there Jakes was running a special buy a Shake and get a free Burger.. that’s right it was free. Check them out.

Also looking for a unique gift for Chritmas check out this discount card.


Merry Christmas

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