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CES 2010 Vegas…we didn’t get to go.

Another CES in Las Vegas, yes we did not get to go and this will be one of the last ones, CES is scheduled to move to Arizona in the future.  So i am going to review all my emails and newsletters and try to review some of the stuff that was presented in Vegas.  This is second hand but none the less it is at least a little of what is going on these days.

James the tech at our shop brought this one to our attention it is the Indestructible cell phone, after you see this video you will ask what were they thinking. “CES Fail – Reporter breaks an ‘unbreakable’ mobile phone“. Now after watching this wouldn’t the screen be the first thing you would use to hammer in a nail?

Microsoft’s Star according to Win7 News was yes you got it “Windows 7”.

Before I give you what they had to say let just say we Love Windows 7 and are glad that we no longer have to explain why we liked Vista too.  With the right hardware, video, memory, drive capacity, cpu power, number of cores and everything else you find in newer computers you should experience a much better level of service and expectation from the operating system.  My kudos to the PC and Laptop manufactures this time around for not completely derailing the release of an operating system.  With that said I will also point out that Windows “Vista” ,”7″ also have there faults and we have yet to see them all surface, but this is the norm for the industry.

What did Windows 7 News have to say?

1. Rumors that Apple was going to show at CES.
2. Introduction of the booklet-style tablet (“the secret tablet http://www.win7news.net/100114-Secret-Tablet“).
3. Windows 7 was all over on many hardware platforms, not a surprise.
4. Alienware introduces the Gaming Netbook! Read this article for details http://www.win7news.net/100114-Alienware
5. Lenovo introduced a Hybrid laptop with detachable screen that becomes a tablet.  The tablet will use a linux operating system check this out http://www.win7news.net/100114-Secret-Tablet.
6. Xbox gamers may want to check this article out about Project Natal that will bring this platform into the cloud environment,http://www.win7news.net/100114-Mediaroom

Thanks agian to the Windows 7 News Letter for the reviews of CES. We will be checking out other articles to pass along to our customers.

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