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Internet Explorer patch for Aurora released

Microsoft will issue an out-of-band patch for Internet Explorer (versions 6 through 8) to plug a hole that’s allowed hackers to attack several large corporations, including Google, Symantec and Juniper Networks.

What can this problem do?
The IE vulnerability is the focal point of Aurora, the so-called operation by China-based hackers to penetrate and steal e-mails and confidential information from large corporations. Some have called Aurora the biggest hack in history, causing Google to contemplate withdrawing from the Chinese market and governments – including Germany and France – to recommend against using the Microsoft browser.

While Google is the only company to acknowledge being penetrated by the Aurora attacks, Symantec and Juniper have stated that they’re investigating Aurora-related incidents.

Suggested things to consider?
Security experts report that IE8 – particularly with DEP activated – is more resilient to attack than earlier versions of the Microsoft browser. However, many security practitioners have recommended switching to the open-source FireFox, which is unaffected by the attacks. Others recommend tightening the security settings in the IE security zones, activating DEP and running IE in “Protected Mode” on Vista and Windows 7.

Excerpts for this blog were found in Channel Insiders Secure Channel with Larry Walsh.

Our note:
To our customers on many occasions we have suggested shutting off the Protected Mode of IE, while this is not the recommended setting we have often found that browsing performance is affected.  It is your own personal choice to turn on or off the protected mode. Key issues is to surf safe and verify that you are using Virus Protection.   Remember just because you have antivirus programs loaded does not mean they are running.  You need to review there logs and make sure they are actually doing complete scans on a regular basis.  You must also resolve issues they identify and can not fix as well as ensure that they are being updated on a timely basis.

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