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Windows 7 Update January 27th

We said Windows 7 was good, but how good.  We have been suggesting that people convert even after they have read articles of users that say they would not go through the effort. 

Normally I do not make the claim that an operating system will make your machine run better, but in this case it might.  Not to mention system with a Sh_t load of memory can no really use it.   Read the data in the Steam article.

Well our opinion is strong and we suggest Upgrading, Converting, Refreshing or any other way to make the migration to Windows 7.  And here is just a little knowledge to back our claims.

Steam recently released results of a survey of Steam gamers showing that Windows 7 is being massively adopted by PC gamers. Check out more details and results in the article and let us know what your opinion is.

Ready to convert let us help you.

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