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FakeAV (Anti-Virus) and Social Networking what is the link?

FakeAV what is the purpose and how are they attacking? 

This entry is not intended to answer all of the evils of the FakeAV, as much as its intention is to raise your awareness about this problem.  Simple definition FakeAV is a program that when it runs on you system informs you that your system is sick and you should immediately buy there software to fix you system.  Why do they do it? Simple for the money!  Most unsuspecting users will buy the software because it is usually at a non-pain price point under $50.00. Now on for some interesting stuff.

Koobface a virus/fakeav that targets FaceBook users is one of the common variants.  Now I hope I have your attention.  According to TrendMicro (manufacture of anti virus software)  Today, there seems to be no end to the proliferation of FAKEAV. So far, The Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia has over 2,000 related entries. According to Paul Ferguson, a Trend Micro Threat Researcher, hundreds of new FAKEAV domains appear every day.”  This was published in TrendMicro’s First line Newsletter.

In the newsletter they point out that these attacks may involve iPhones too.  So what do they suggest?

  • Rely on only trusted sites for news and updates
  • Avoid suspicious activity including URL’s, Links, unfamiliar emails and attachments from senders you do not know.
  • Use reputable security programs, we use Vipre which can be bought on our websites, another is TrendMicro. iPhone users may look to TrendMicro for there Smart Surfing for the iPhone product.

Be careful it is a tough world out there, if you have a problem contact us for support or email us at support@end2endsupport.com.

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