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Looking for an entry level Mac Plus Rebates $$$$

I have had a lot of interest lately in Mac sales most often asked how can I buy a mac for less than $1000.00? 

Most of you know that Mac’s tend to be more pricey than entry level PC’s and Notebooks.  That’s where the Mac mini comes in.  At sub $600.00 it will allow most people to get a good taste of the Mac OS and experience. Out of the box it is a true Mac loaded with lots of the goodies. Check this model out if you want an entry level into the Apple game.  Through our connection at the Mac Mall you can get a $5.00 rebate on the Mac Mini.

Order the Mac Mini here:

$5 Instant rebate Mac mini 2.26GHz 2G/160 GB only $574.89 +FREE Shipping +Free Parallels & Printer after rebate Ends 3/9

Step up into Mac Book still under $1000.00 here:

$10 Instant rebate MacBook 2.26GHz 2GB/250/SD only $939.98 +FREE Shipping + Free Parallels & Printer after rebate Ends 3/9

And see what many of the Artists and Designers are raving about and check out the Mac Book Pro:

$10 Instant rebate MacBook Pro 13″ 2.26GHZ 2GB/160/SD only $1139 +FREE Shipping +Free Parallels & Printer after rebate Ends 3/9

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