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Archive for March 18, 2010

Gamers Beware – Asus i7 based laptop is out.

Gaming on an i7 is awesome! Gaming on a laptop is pricey! But gaming on an Asus i7 is an experience!  we have been running an Intel i7 in the shop for several months and very few machines have compared to it.  Asus has just rolled out the G51JXA1 and the specs on it are […]

Nexted? And a strange video about Chatroulette.

Nexted what in the heck is that?  Well if you are big in social software like FaceBook and MySpace you may already know what Nexting is. Nexted – this would be the recipient or target of someone who is “Nexting”.  Not quite dictionary stuff but some day it will be. OK so what is Nexting?  […]

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