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Nexted? And a strange video about Chatroulette.

Nexted what in the heck is that?  Well if you are big in social software like FaceBook and MySpace you may already know what Nexting is.

Nexted – this would be the recipient or target of someone who is “Nexting”.  Not quite dictionary stuff but some day it will be. OK so what is Nexting?  If you have seen Chatroulette you may already know what this is. Nexting is when you click the Next button to move on to the next random Chat person.  I am not sure why people are so addicted to this although it almost is like speed dating without leaving your house.  I am not suggesting everyone should run out and begin Chatroulette because I have seen some news stories that may suggest there can be some security issues with this activity.  On the flip side I already know tons of people are doing it so first be careful. Second make sure your systems are protected. By the way Chatroulette does not appear to be censored so it can get Rude and Graphic apparently. 

I stumble on to this little video that was made about Chatroulette so check it out. By the way there is a little bit of vulgar language in the video, sorry.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

a movie about chat roulette. i don’t know what really know what else could be said.

a movie by casey neistat

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